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Launching Missiles from a Metaverse Urinal

Just after speaking about the Metaverse on the War Room, I found myself pissing into a cyber urinal called The Whizzard. The way it works is you hit the start target in the center first, then move the stream from side to side to control your artillery.

To be honest, “You’re a Lance Corporal!” is hardly high praise. It takes time and a few bottles of beer to get the hang of the game.

A colleague claims to have gotten a 119 score, but also insists he was unable to whip out his smartphone in time to prove it. Admittedly, it’s awkward taking dick pics at the tank, but any war zone photo-journalist will tell you that’s just part of the gig.

This device is a grim reminder of how close we are to integrating the Metaverse into our private lives. It’s also a major social justice issue.

In a 2017 Tes editorial, three Australian professors claimed that boys have an unfair advantage in physics because we can piss standing up. Perhaps that explains the massive gender gap among fire-fighters and tank-gunners.

The authors, who undoubtedly pee sitting down regardless of sex, wrote:

Playful urination practices – from seeing how high you can pee to games such as Peeball (where men compete using their urine to destroy a ball placed in a urinal) – may give boys an advantage over girls when it comes to physics. And we believe there’s something we can do about it.

No doubt you have some questions, the first is probably: what could possibly lead us to believe this?

Well, for starters, our recent analysis of the kinds of physics questions females generally do worse at than males. Add to that strong evidence for the widespread nature of certain kinds of pee-based game-playing among young (and not-so-young) boys. Finally, throw in our observations on curriculum sequencing and the ways in which formal, mathematically codified physics is often introduced to children and young people.

This article pissed me off back then, but clearly the authors’ aim was on target.


Musk Bots Terk Err Jerbs!

We are a civilization in transition. As with similar historic shifts—various empires, the industrial revolution, mass immigration—we are subjects, not active agents. The digital revolution is sold as empowerment. But it's a double-edged sword, and we wield the dull edge.

If the human race can’t be saved by technology, we can always be replaced.

In case you missed yesterday’s post, “Musk Bots on the Make,” have a look-see HERE

If Musk actually lives up to his one-year timeline, by 2023 these alien creatures will be wandering our streets beside unemployed laborers and faceless mask-Karens. Their slave-class role will include all the hard work that builds character in regular people, but is obviously beneath those who can’t be bothered to drive their own cars or do their own shopping.

Like the self-driving Tesla car, this headless plastic person will use its various sensors—including eight cameras—to monitor the world around it. From there, machine learning will enable this weird being to learn your home, your habits, and your wants. It will be programmed with a sort of extraterrestrial empathy. According to Musk’s vision, armies of these creatures will populate our cities like illegal aliens hopping over the Uncanny Valley instead of the Rio Grande. …

I met Steve Bannon and Steve Cortes in the Metaverse to briefly discuss.

Watch the video HERE



Summer – Wk 8: SW Was On Hiatius

The Cyber Symposium was pretty fun, all things considered. And believe me, there were many things to consider. Psychedelics were a good preparation, in the long run, but hardly sufficient.

This was recorded the day before the event began. I’d been hanging out with the War Room posse—fantastic people—and the symposium’s tech crew out back.

Solid blokes on audio and lighting, but hardly who you’d expect. Which, in production, is to be expected.

Watch the video HERE


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