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Summer – Wk 5: Geoengineering in Duderific Dubai | Zee Forced Industrial Revolution | A Milestone For Transhumanism | Digital Immunity for the Herd

Geoengineering in Duderific Dubai

More wild-eyed conspiracy theories from Newsweek — Dubai Creates Fake Rain Using Drones”:

The cloud seeding operation, which uses electrical charges to prompt rainfall, speaks to the growing interest globally in rainmaking technologies as an avenue for potentially mitigating drought.

According to The Independent, the cloud seeding method employed in Dubai relies on drone technology. The drones release an electrical charge into clouds, prompting them to coalesce and create rain. The technology is reportedly favored compared to other forms of cloud seeding because it uses electricity to generate rain rather than chemicals.

Shaking my damn head. And watching the clouds.

And buying a new umbrella, just in case this thing goes off the rails.


Zee Forced Industrial Revolution

The World Economic Forum has been around for decades, but recently the prestigious organization has been targetted by various “conspiracy theories.” Perhaps the most insane theory is that the WEF has enough influence to steer the globe toward a technocratic civilizational transformation.

Only a loony toon would believe the WEF’s invited speakers could influence people like Mitchell Baker (Mozilla Foundation, USA), Marc Benioff (Salesforce, USA), Satya Nadella (Microsoft, USA), Jack Ma (Alibaba, China), Kaan Terzioglu (Turkcell, Turkey), Kazuo Hirai (Sony, Japan), Mary Barra (General Motors, USA), Bernard J. Tyson (Kaiser Permanente), Nancy Brown (American Heart Association, USA), Kengo Sakurada (Sompo Holdings, Japan), Mukesh Ambani (Reliance Industries, India), Robert Collymore (Safaricom, Kenya), or Tim Brown (IDOE, USA)!

World Economic Forum chairman Klaus Schwab has this to say about the great transformation whose name he coined:

“Zee speed eez mind-boggling. What I'm particularly concerned about, it eez how little zee vorld eez prepared for zee Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

Or did he say "Forced Industrial Revolution"? Hard to tell with that accent.

You know, if you really wanted regular people to be prepared for the totalizing plans laid out at the WEF, you might stop calling those who point them out “conspiracy theorists.”


A Milestone For Transhumanism

My latest article: “Scientists Are Using Brain Implants To Read Patients’ Minds, And You Might Be Next” — at The Federalist

Far beyond medical treatment, advocates for full augmentation intend to overcome the human condition itself.

Last year, Elon Musk predicted his Neuralink brain implant could eventually allow people to bypass human language. With a handful of AI-powered chips jabbed into their brains, Neuralink users could converse with their thoughts alone. Poetry and liturgy would become a sentimental pastime, like roasting marshmallows over a campfire.

“In principle, you would be able to communicate very quickly, and with far more precision, ideas,” Musk mumbled to Joe Rogan. “And language would — I’m not sure what would happen to language … [But] really, in the first few versions all we’re going to be trying to do is solve brain injuries.”

Many scoffed at the time, just as they did when Musk hyped the idea of a self-driving Tesla. Today, a quick glance around the 405 freeway in Los Angeles provides evidence that a billionaire’s dreams can quickly become the public’s reality — even if a few models have to burst into flames to get there.

On July 14, the transhumanist goal of neuro-telepathy came a step closer to realization, thanks to a major breakthrough by a team at the University of California, San Francisco. Neuroscientists surgically implanted a subdural electrode array on the surface of a stroke victim’s brain. …

The Quest To Accelerate Human Evolution

As a religious philosophy, transhumanism sees technological augmentation as a moral duty. It begins with the quest to overcome disease, old age, and death, and it ends with something like the Christian vision of human perfection and immortality.

It’s an underappreciated fact that many transhumanists are not atheists. Some see technology as a way to realize God’s unfolding plan — even if that means irreversibly altering the human form, or replacing humans with simulacra altogether.

Resting on the pillars of gene-editing, bionic modification, neuro-enhancement, robotics, and artificial intelligence, transhumanism is yet another dream for a better world. Naturally, these far-reaching ambitions invite revulsion and ridicule from normal people.

Perhaps more importantly, human perfection has always proven to be an impossible dream (the Kardashians are a fine example). That limitation may not matter, though, as long as powerful people are driven to pursue grand visions and intend to drag the rest of us along. …

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Digital Immunity for the Herd

My latest article: “The Left’s Global Superbrain” — in The American Thinker

The dominant metaphors of the modern era have shifted from the heavens to cyberspace. Human beings are no longer the fallen image of God or a microcosm of the Taoist cosmos. Our brains are now likened to computers; our bodies to machines. Hence, the woman who says “This is too much to process,” or the man who moans “The stress is killing me.”

Reversing this projection, computerized social networks are the means by which communities become collective electro-brains. Consider the rabid pro-vax Twitter swarms, or the anti-trans cabals on Gab. Each network is a complex psychic web of approved propaganda or misinformation, depending on who you ask.

On an even higher plane, every AI neural network is the silicone manifestation of an alien brain sent from the future to harmonize the human nodes in each collective. Total unity was just meant to be. It’s “inevitable.”

According to this techno-religious paradigm, articulated by futurists such as Howard Bloom and Wired magazine’s Kevin Kelly, the emergence of a one-world global brain is coming any day now. Once it subsumes all collective minds under its executive function, the One Brain’s thoughts will be a symphony of 7 billion meat heads orchestrated by algorithms. You and I will become mere cells in its body.

Some believe this has already happened. The historian Yuval Noah Harari, a World Economic Forum favorite, vividly describes our silicone superorganism as an electric ant farm:

“We live in a huge, huge colony in which each one has this tiny role to play, and we cannot survive outside the colony. And this will only the 21st century, because with the rise of brain-computer interface and biometric sensors and so forth, it is very likely that within, say, fifty years people will literally be part of a network--all the bodies, all the brains, would be connected together to a network. And you won't be able to survive if you're disconnected from the Net, because your own body parts, your own immune system, perhaps depends on being constantly connected to the colony, to the network.”

If the COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything, it’s that every body needs a strong immune system--digitized or otherwise. If confronted by lab-born bioweapons or malicious computer code, you also need empowered experts to impose vaccines and erect cybersecurity fences. Otherwise, all hell breaks loose.

This biomechanical fixation was readily apparent in Klaus Schwab’s welcome address to the World Economic Forum’s Cyber Polygon event in early July. Still glowing from the triumph of his Great Reset, the WEF chairman emphasized the need for cybersecurity in a world where your cyber persona is now a de facto requirement:

“Allow me now to reflect on today's theme, which is to develop secure digital ecosystems... Digital connections are embedded in our homes, our workplaces, and through operational technology -- our critical infrastructure... Many technology leaders have noted that within a few short months we have achieved advances in digital transformation that might otherwise have taken years. But this digital dividend of the Covid pandemic is fragile... A lack of cybersecurity has become a clear and immediate danger to our society worldwide.”

Basically, because electronic connectivity is necessary for survival, even for “small business,” we need technocrats to protect us from the dangers their techno culture created. …

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