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I'm an 82yr old woman, but I understand enough to get mad! I dont understand all of it. I'm not educated. I'm glad I'm at the end of the road, and won't be a part of this... Hopefully. I have grand children & great grand children to worry about though. God help us! And, I think He will.

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As a former school board member from California, I don’t think it was a coincidence that the key note speaker at our Dec 2019 Calif School Board Assoc (CSBA) conference (only 3 mos before the Covid lockdown) was Michio Kaku. Kaku did a book signing on his book- The Future of Humanity. In the book he explained Transhumsnism and that this evolution of enhanced bodies was necessary for the preservation of the planet. His book explained that we must become an interplanetary species so we can colonized mars. Yes, this was at a school board conference. His next book was The God Equation explaining how religion can get in the way of human progress. The entertainment at our 2019 conference was high school students dancing to john Lennon’s song: IMAGINE. My website gives more info about how this relates to the deception to American parents about what’s being taught to kids and what’s behind our crisis hotlines under the guise of “mental health”. www.Brenda4Kids.com

Thank you Joe for your research and well documented information,

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Yes, we've been "seeded" with xenobot 3.0 (in the vaccines, vaxxed-offgassing, in the food production chain, in the air/ chemtrailing, water supply, clothing textiles, household chemicals and powders, etc.,) to get these xeno 3.0 nanobot organisms to build the biosynthelectro-network system set up in our bodies, biohacking our body systems without our informed voluntary consent to cyborg-transhuman us, to turn us into walking antennas, to have us become FULLY monitorable, surveillable, diagnostic-able, mind-influence-able, remote-controllable for all manner of actions and surveillance and total control grid via "the internet of things" hookup scenario. And our skin will manifest bizarre patterns / graphic design dermatographia phenomenon. Like the amphibians in the wild whose bodies can suddenly flash and manifest a dramatic graphic skin pattern out of nowhere, and then have it change again to a different graphic pattern. --(I cant help but wonder if that feature happens because of xenobot having been designed from frog skin cells)--As surreal as it may seem, the biohacking of our body systems has been going on for the past several years and is here and is taking place, and we have to keep figuring out solutions to neutralizing the biosynthelectronanobot hardware and it's architecture-network-system invasion-of-the-body-snatchering activity. Cyber-Satan end times. Thanks for the post, Joebot. (*regular baking soda + sea salt + borax hot baths, rife frequencies/sound files, chelation, ozone, near infrared sauna, exercise/sweating, all the nutraceuticals and off label that have worked for Covid and Lyme, minimize EMF, shungite, meticulous cleanliness/hygiene both internally and externally)

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Just seen Elon say how the effort to bring the world under a socialist monarchy is risking total mass extinction. This is the same mindset I've had for many decades.

Human diversity is the sole reason homo sapiens sapiens did not go extinct as did more species that exist on earth today.

If a one world order did take hold it would only take one mass extinction event to kill us off. More likely the ones that did survive are the most remote tribes separated from modern humanity.

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Forget for a second all of the obvious exploits left wide open by having a wifi chip implanted in your skull. The thing that gets me is this:

"Take emotion. Have you ever considered how hard it is to express how you feel?"

All the damn time. One reason for that is that most of the emotions aren't just inarticulate feelings. This guy, who is speaking for all of these dorks, believes that language is an optional add-on that as often gets in the way of expressing otherwise well-defined processes in the brain.

That may be the case with simple feelings like basic fear or arousal. The problem is that we also have a range of sophisticated mental states which often can't be distinguished from the concepts or words we use to formulate them. Feelings like shame or a desire to create a work of art aren't just shapeless impulses lurking fully-formed in the brain.

This is one reason that we can find it so difficult to say what we mean. We are, literally, searching for the right expression, because the correct expression plays a part in fully realizing the otherwise inarticulate feeling.

If we accept that something like this is true for most of the mental states that we consider importantly human (and I do), then I invite you to spend a moment or three reflecting on the consequences should one of these projects result in a brain-to-brain link that actually does remove language from the equation.

I don't know exactly what would result, but I wouldn't want to be one to find out.

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Have a hunch Van Eck Phreaking would be a whole lot safer/cost effective. Why aren't my comments making it through? [edit:lol]

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"Today’s Transhumanists rush to establish a race of biodigital Frankensteins. Hypnotized by wet dreams of enhancement, they attach wings to a caterpillar and call it a butterfly, ignore the pulse of their own breathing beings hidden behind a heartless view of the Universe, and charge headlong in passionate pursuit of some contrived delusional notion of ‘progress’.

By the 2020s we find ourselves commandeered by a technology whose algorithms and oh so virtual artificial intelligence are often regarded as a model to emulate in real life, sacrificing our very own minds in a blind displacement of genuine thinking. Is it any wonder we find our entire species in the diamond lane on the highway to extinction?

Human evolution, as envisioned here, shall be achieved in part by facilitating the integration of Intuitive Intelligence into our beings such that a substantial, if not majority, of our activity is directed more by Intuitive Intelligence than by egocentric deliberation. In the new paradigm, Intuitive Intelligence shall habitually “come to mind” both individually and collectively to inform and influence resonant action. The more we allow the ‘Whole’ to guide us, through its always available voice of Intuitive Intelligence replacing egocentricity, the more quickly we evolve. It is time we REDIRECT technology toward the truly ORGANIC evolution we so desperately need, arrest our descent to extinction, and manifest a paradigm that transcends our shortcomings.

Our challenge is to engineer the Moonshot of an evolutionary path wherein we permanently catalyze our INHERENT human experience into a broader and deeper perceptual dimension – a transition that reifies a heart-centered, personal/collective human experience, as consciously interconnected individuals integrated within a coherent network – simultaneously separate and all together, like 7.x billion fingers on one ‘Whole’ hand. Once done, perhaps the best part will be an undeniable and perpetual sense of belonging – to one another everywhere, as constituent cells of a ‘Whole’ Humanity, integral to our living Earth."


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Joe, do you know Douglas Farrow, theologian at McGill? He’s on your wave length and has a substack, Desiring a Better Country. Quote from his latest long piece:”But just as there is no such thing as global health, there is no such thing as artificial intelligence, nor ever will be. There are only very powerful computers in the service of very powerful men, most of whom are less clever than they imagine and some of whom are more wicked than we imagine. Whether speaking to us of health or of things other than health—a shrinking category—they say that we have crossed the Rubicon, that we have no choice now but to move forward into territory shaped and governed by algorithms. What they do not tell us is that their struggle for dominance within that territory is a struggle that can only mean total war. “

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I enjoy reading your work, and others like you (those that deep dive into topics and spell it out simply for the rest of us).

I agree that transhumanism is not a leftist concept. It's not a "rightest" concept either (personally, I believe these terms are meaningless at this point, because the concepts don't really exist, they just serve to further divide us into "other-ism")

I somewhat disagree about the globalist term though. While I don't think it's STRICTLY globalist, one can't deny that there seems to be a race to rule the world. Globalists want global domination, and transhumanism is a means to get them there. Not every globalist is a transhumanist, yet every transhumanist appears to be a globalist. They want to be Gods, globally, and beyond.

They want it ALL.

I'm not smart enough to figure the whole thing out, but I know Who is. And He will only allow this so far, before it's completely crushed. We, as legacy humans, may not like the timing, or how far they are allowed to go, but there IS an expiration. In the meantime, we just have to be plugged into the Holy Spirit that gives us discernment.

I'm going with a hard "nope" on brain links. I'll stick with the original "old timey" design.

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“Mankind,” the Pope noted, “has succeeded in unleashing a cycle of death and terror, but failed in bringing it to an end...”

Fatima, Portugal, May 13, 2010 / 08:16 am


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Superb article. Thank you

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Elon called it, "Civilizational Diversity" or the whole thing collapses.

The guy in the Arab garb hosting the world BS convention seemed a bit obstinate to his comment and stated the he partly disagreed.

Funny to me, that since all of these middle eastern nations want the One World Order, no doubt about that because their only resource is Fossil Fuels, when our development of Compact Fusion is released onto the world, oil will become obsolete and their castles will blow away into the desert sands.

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Hi Joe,

DAN here from MACH3Ti.com formally UFOMechanic on Gettr.

I feel these hard wired interfaces are already obsolete.

I have no reason not to believe that such technology could operate on magnetic induction by RF emissions.

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Peter Thiel is not on the Republican side. He financially backed Blake Masters who immediately conceded his election regardless of the obvious shenanigans. The controlled opposition puppet master of silicon valley.

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'The question isn’t whether society is going there—it’s how far each of us will go.' - or how far the brainwashing and fear mongering takes people. Adam Gopnik "Because however bad you think the empire of the internet is, the empire of the oligarch is worse". (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31CcclqEiZw&ab_channel=IntelligenceSquared) It's imperative that this oligarchical empire is exposed and its long-term influences and long-term plans understood in detail.

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