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Tip of the Technocratic Spear

Discussing a new article at Salvo with Steve Bannon.

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Transhumanists Want Your Baby's Brain

Latest Article: “Transhumanists Want To Digitize Your Baby’s Brain” — in Salvo

A lot of people can’t believe that well-connected technocrats dream of turning every human on earth into a hyperproductive biomachine. At the very least, they don’t want to believe it. For doubters, the transhumanist movement is like a flying saucer or the elusive Sasquatch—it makes for a good campfire story, but what are the chances that Bigfoot and E.T. are conspiring to jab a Neuralink chip into your kid’s head?

The chances are better than you’d think.

Unlike other mythical monsters, techno-globalists don’t creep through the woods or sneak around the dark side of the moon. If you follow Wired, Gizmodo, Bloomberg, The Economist, Forbes, the New York Times, or the World Economic Forum’s own newsfeed, you know they’re not even hiding in plain sight. The corporate media just refuse to call them out for what they are.

Renegade journalist Whitney Webb is uninhibited by such career-conscious taboos. Her recent article at Unlimited Hangout—A ‘Leap’ Toward Humanity’s Destruction”—may sound like an 80’s sci-fi story, but her facts are thoroughly sourced and her overall argument is sound:

An implicit transhumanist agenda has risen to prominence, but it can only advance if we allow it to.

Webb’s work shines a lone spotlight on the UK-based Wellcome Trust and their biomedical initiative, Wellcome Leap. This top-tier NGO oversees projects that include making fresh livers from scratch with 3D printers and using transcranial stimulation to soothe your dystopic woes. Another scheme is to fit 3 month-old infants with wearable sensors to track their neurological development into early childhood. …

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UFO Militiamen?

Discussing the Rise of the Moors standoff in Massachussetts — with Steve Bannon.

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Not unlike the Nation of Islam, many members of the Moorish Temple of America have some interesting views regarding UFOs. For instance, from an article entitled “UFO's AND IFO's In Holy Koran of the Uniting of the Moorish Science Temple of America Circle Seven- Nine Chapter XVIII”:

Prophet Noble Drew Ali taught that the Etherians are the providers and they Police the Universe in respect, far as being responsible for lining things. These Etherians are the IGIGI and they are above the good or bad complex, their concern is to maintain the universe and to prevent a star holocaust. They personify to whomever, and their assignment is the guardians of life which ANU, ELYOWN ELYOWN EL, is a Prominent Member sent forth. The Prophet Noble Drew Ali also called them Spirit-Man.

There also was the DINNEER! The ancient Cuneiform word. ‘Dinneer” means “THE RIGHTEOUS ONES OF THE ROCKETSHIP.” There are your 24 Elders, who send down energy to the Anunnaqi.

Then you have the Anunnaqi, Eloheem, Allahummas, Umarway, Ginwins, Shushukiy, these being are mention throughout the scriptures but the Anunnaqi are Nubians with 9ETHER hair, dark reddish olive brown skin dark brown eyes. Prophet Noble Drew Ali was fully aware of ships that fly .

Or from another Moorish Temple article “UFO’s, Axis Powers, Secret Orderism, and the MSTA/NOI Connection”:

The teaching of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad on the Mother Ship is well known and amazingly detailed; we use the adjective “amazing” to describe his teaching on the topic because, quite simply, his teaching brazenly flaunted a knowledge of matters surrounding the nature of the UFO phenomena that the military intelligence community in the West either kept very close to the breast, or did not know until after 1945.  Noble Drew Ali made very brief mention of the phenomenon, describing it as “the apparatus.”

It’s a great big wide world out there.


UFOs Are A Diversion—And A Revelation

Latest article: “UFOs Are A Diversion—And A Revelation” — at The National Pulse

The preliminary report fell to earth like a UFO crew who were staring at their smartphones instead of the horizon. Various intelligence agencies examined 144 cases of unidentified aerial phenomena from 2004 to 2021. They concluded, as usual, that more work needs to be done.

Really, there are only two interesting lines in the entire document:

“We were able to identify one reported UAP with high confidence. In that case, we identified the object as a large, deflating balloon.”

In one sense, this is a cruel metaphor for some doe-eyed ufologist’s head. However, a striking passage from Jacques Vallée’s 1979 bookMessengers of Deception makes me wonder if the UAP report’s authors are just trolling. Over forty years ago, Vallee wrote: “UFOs appear against the background of a worldwide manipulation operation. … ‘America wants a shiny spacecraft to replace the deflated balloon of its religious values.’”

Back in those days, Vallée—a physicist turned computer-programmer turned ufologist—argued that flying saucers and alien abductions are a spiritual psyop. The purpose is to shift global civilization into its next phase.

As a scientific text, Messengers of Deception is utter madness. Nevertheless, it’s an extraordinary work of mythological art.

As far back as the 60s, Vallée was convinced that dangerous UFO cults were being activated by media sensationalism. He feared these sects could exploit the widening chasm between scientific elites and the disaffected masses. This ascending techno-religion would replace traditional deities with all-powerful extraterrestrials—regardless of their reality—much like the Holy Trinity conquered the Roman pantheon and took decadent patricians by surprise. …

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