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Summer – Wk 1: Big Deflated Balloon | Venn Group/Out Group Dilemma | UFO Religion Is About To Go Mainstream | Technocrats Want Us To Pray To Machines

Big Deflated Balloon

Yesterday, the official UAP Task Force report was delivered to Congress by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. You can download the full PDF here.

There were only two interesting sentences in the whole report:

“We were able to identify one reported UAP with high confidence. In that case, we identified the object as a large, deflating balloon.”

They’re talking about Jeremy Corbell’s head.



Venn Group/Out Group Dilemma

We all have friends who are racist. We all have friends who are multi-culti.

They all drive us crazy. We drive them crazy, too.

We have to love one another, anyway.

Racism is just the dark side of the rainbow.

The rainbow’s just the flip side of racism.


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Technocrats Want Us To Pray To Machines

Latest article: “Technocrats Want Us To Pray To Machines” — in The American Thinker

We’re being conditioned to accept spiritualized social media, therapeutic apps, and android priests. Without cultural barriers, this could easily become the norm.

If God is dead, praying to machines is permitted—perhaps even necessary. And if God is not dead? Well, you can pray to machines, anyway. That appears to be the technocratic plan as we move into the future. As with many such dreams, it overlooks our need for other human beings, with all the drama and messiness that entails. That need is innate, as is our yearning for transcendence.

As progress marches on, people are being severed from their organic communities and the traditional rites that hold them together. Don’t worry, though. There’s an app for that. …

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UFO Religion Is About To Go Mainstream. Get Ready.

Latest Article: “UFO Religion Is About To Go Mainstream. Get Ready.” — in The National Pulse

The upcoming Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force report, due to arrive in Congress on Friday, signals a religious sea change in America. Meanwhile, the media’s campaign to normalize UFOs is seeding our minds with alien life forms.

As such, we are witnessing a fringe mythology rise up from moldy basements to explode across the prestige press.

The psychologist Carl Jung wrote in 1957, at a time when “flying saucers” were being spotted all over the planet, “We have here a golden opportunity of seeing how a legend is formed, and how in a difficult and dark time for humanity a miraculous tale grows up of an attempted intervention by extra-terrestrial ‘heavenly’ powers.” Half a century later, these celestial entities have hit the big time. …

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