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Autumn – Wk 5: Elite Global Leaders Conference at the Vatican | Reuters Running Cover | TransVision 2021 | SanTO the Holy Robot

We covered this on the War Room on October 9 (video clip HERE).

Later that day, while contemplating the ridiculous title, I had second thoughts. Is this a hoax? Then I found the only mirror of the flyer via Google—on a joke meme aggregator.

I freaked out. I’d been duped! So I issued a hasty correction.

I shouldn’t have.

The next day, my source confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Elite Global Leaders Conference is absolutely happening. And yes, that’s the title.

We’ll be covering this all week at the War Room.

Tune in:

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Looks like the authors of The transHuman Code are now pivoting to the Metaverse:

WISeKey to introduce The Code to the Metaverse - Programming Our Future For Good at the forthcoming Vatican Collegio Teutonico meeting

This exclusive, invitation only event, a feature of the Elite Global Leader’s Conference, brings financial, philanthropic, spiritual and business leaders together to discuss The Code and the steps we must collectively take to create the future we most desire.

Wait—“the future we most desire”?

Who is “we”?

Oh, right… “Elite Global Leaders.” Gotcha.

Also happening in Rome this weekend:

Posted on the Vatican News:

Vatican meeting explores challenge of artificial intelligence

The Pontifical Council for Culture and the German Embassy to the Holy See host a one-day symposium starting on Thursday looking at "The Challenge of Artificial Intelligence for Human Society and the Idea of the Human Person".

“What are we learning about consciousness? How do our brains work? Could machines be able to imitate that and achieve the same results? Or is there something different about human consciousness that we need to reflect on?”

I dunno. An eternal soul?

If nothing else, us legacy humans were here first.


One of the issues that has emerged, also UNESCO has raised the issue that if children are raised dealing with artificial intelligences which are there to answer their whims, to respond to their every need, to give them questions, can it condition how they think about relationality? But the other is there to be of service to me to do my will and loses their own autonomy, and that those attitudes become ingrained in human persons and they bring them in their bearings with other human beings.

These technologists and religious leaders are positioning themselves as humanity’s protectors in the face of runaway technology. But the technologists couldn’t even protect our private data. And the priests refused to turn over child abusers in their own ranks.

We’ll see what they say at the conference.

That is, if they release the elite video of the elite proceedings.

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Reuters is Running Cover for the Power

From the toe-suckers at Reuters:

A promotional flyer for a conference to be held in Vatican City has sparked confusion online. Some social media users appear to believe the event is organized by the Vatican, but this is inaccurate according to the event’s organizers.

The image includes terms like “programming our future” and “the transHuman Code” which has led some users to falsely claim the event is part of a global ploy to manipulate the human genome through technology.

“Falsely claim”? You might want to disprove that then, dingleberry.

This event, however, is organized by private company Jaboy Productions, not the Vatican.

Okay… So humanity’s future is being decided by the production company?! Should we refer our existential questions to the A/V department or the head rigger?

Reuters has no brains. And no soul.

As explained by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) ( here ) the term “transhumanism” ( here ) has been referenced in conspiracy theories that claim the World Economic Forum (WEF) and “global elites” are engaged to combine humans with machines that will be “forced to be subservient to elites.”

So now our concerns are anti-Semitic, too.

Reuters has also repeatedly debunked other allegations ( here , here , here ) that linked to a Christian conspiracy theory that the coronavirus vaccines contain the “mark of the beast”, signifying the biblical End Time, when the Antichrist will allegedly force people to get his mark and worship him ( here , here , here ).

I’m glad that Reuters has their top theologians on this.

Nothing to see here, folks.

Here’s your chip.

Now move along.


TransVision 2021 Write-Up

Latest article: “Transhumanists Gather In Spain To Plan Global Transformation” — in The Federalist

Transhumanism is a futuristic religion that exalts technology as the highest power. The movement’s goal is to merge man with machine. Their wildest prophecies seem ridiculous at first, until you consider the dizzying advances in bionics, robotics, neuroprosthetics, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and genetic engineering.

Transhumanists hold that the human condition of ignorance, loneliness, sadness, disease, old age, and death can be transcended through improved gadgetry. Many believe tribalism will also be eliminated — perhaps through brain implants — but this elite clique tends to be so convicted, legacy humans will have no say in the matter.

Allowing for variation, transhumanists confess there is no God but the future Computer God. They believe neuroprosthetics will allow communion with this artificial deity. They believe robot companions should be normalized. They believe longevity tech will confer approximate immortality. They believe virtual reality provides a life worth living. Above all, they believe the Singularity is near.

According to the Cult of the Singularity and its prophet, Ray Kurzweil, we’ll see artificial general intelligence by 2029. Unlike narrow algorithms performing specific tasks, AGI will be robust cognition enacted by neural networks, far faster than any human brain.

By 2045 (or 2049), we will hit the Singularity — when artificial superintelligence surpasses human intellect to the point we cannot comprehend its output. Purely organic humans will be left in the smart dust. Our only chance for long-term survival is to fuse our minds and bodies with the All-Powerful Machine — to become a new posthuman species.

Therefore, our meaning in life is to make sure the future Computer God is benevolent, while we still have time. (In most cases, “benevolent” is synonymous with “lefty globalist.”) Today’s machine learning systems are prompted by programmers, then trained with our language and behavior via mass data extraction.

As computers advance to superintelligence, the story goes, their output will tilt toward humanity’s moral compass. Eventually, this digital deity may colonize distant galaxies — turning all usable matter into computerized mind — so our actions today might determine the fate of the entire universe.

I’m reminded of the subterranean mutants who worshiped the atom bomb in “Beneath the Planet of the Apes.” Many mammals use tools to survive, but even a chimp knows better than to raise up a stick and call it “God.”

Read the whole thing THERE


SanTO the Holy Robot

Back in 2019, the Wall Street Journal reported:

SanTO resembles the small figurines of saints often found in Catholic homes—except with a computer, microphone, sensors and a facial recognition-enabled camera. As Mr. Trovato speaks to the machine, its deep, echoing voice responds with a Bible quote:

“From the Gospel according to Matthew,” it says, “do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”


He presented SanTO—short for Sanctified Theomorphic Operator—at a sacred-art exposition in Rome in February 2018


“Religion has evolved through history, from oral tradition to written tradition to press and mass media. So it’s very reasonable to think that AI and robotics will help religion to spread out more,” Mr. Trovato said.


Eventually, says Robert Geraci, a professor of religious studies at Manhattan College, robots might become more than just tools.

“One possibility is that religion gets radically reformulated in collaboration with the advancement of technology,” he said. Another is that technology-celebrating movements such as transhumanism could compete with traditional religions. Should they ever become sentient, robots could join faiths themselves, raising questions about religious identity, he said.

The following year, the Vatican held the “RenAIssance” conference (or rather, their production company held the conference). I’m sure Reuters was all over it: