The Transhumanist Revolution Will Be Televised

Autumn – Wk 9: The Metaverse: Heaven For Soy Boys | Transhumanism Special on the War Room | Interview with Jamie Glazov | Interview with Molly Smith

Heaven for Soy Boys

Latest article: “The Metaverse: Heaven for Soy Boys, Hell on Earth for Us” — in Salvo

The Metaverse was born of occult dreams. It will keep growing until the power is cut.

You don’t need physical strength to master virtual reality. You don’t need spiritual insight or moral fortitude, either. In the Metaverse, all you need to achieve a peak experience is a set of VR goggles and a decent WiFi connection. The machine takes care of the rest.

The Metaverse, briefly defined, is a parallel digital realm that will exist alongside our own. It will be populated with 3D replicas of our real world, as well as rainbow unicorns, electro extraterrestrials, animated angels, digital demons, and Lego-man avatars for us to “embody.” Indeed, the Metaverse is billed as the “embodied Internet.”

Much like magicians enter the astral plane using ritual implements, the average schlub will access the Metaverse—both enclosed virtual worlds and ethereal holograms superimposed over physical environments—through VR goggles or augmented reality glasses. Instead of watching bad movies on Netflix, we’re to become characters in a digital dream that bleeds into the real world.


All of this represents the socio-religious evolution inherent in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. If our living world is an accident of random mutation and natural selection, then tech and social engineering are our only hope for intelligent design. If the pearly gates open to nothingness, virtual reality is our only stairway to heaven.


Prometheus Rising

The spiritual implications are obvious. All religious worlds are symbolic realities, conveyed through mythos and embodied in ritual, where they mingle with the physical world. Virtual reality is a means to capture the symbols of traditional religion—to bring sacred realities back to earth as living 3D cartoons—and shape these entities into any desired form.

From a neurological perspective, our experience of the physical world is an embodied simulation—a mental model produced by our senses and neural processes. Strict materialists assume our imaginative states and dreams are just secondary effects of that neural processing.

Virtual reality works by hacking that perceptual system. High-quality VR simulations replace the inner world in our brains—our neural simulations—with a digital world so convincing, you subconsciously believe it’s real. People often return from extended VR experiences to find the real world dull and depressing. It’s as if they reach out to touch the gods and come back godless.


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Transhumanism Special on the War Room

With guests Patrick Wood of Technocracy.News, James Poulos of The American Mind, and Mark Jeftovic, the Crypto Capitalist.

Part 1 is HERE | Part 2 is HERE


Interview with Jamie Glazov

Glazov is a Russian historian and the editor of Frontpage Magazine.

We discuss transhumanism as religion, the Great Reset, vaxxbots, the Metaverse, freedom, and the possibility of resistance.

Interview with Molly Smith

A very charming woman, well-respected by the pro-life community, who was gracious enough to have me on. We discuss technocracy and the Mark of the Beast.

It’s amazing that devout Christians can tolerate a scruffy heathen like me.

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