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Spring – Wk 13: Summer Solstice | Obama's "Dogwhistles" to the Nation of Islam | I Have No Faith in the Medical Priesthood | Scientism Discussed on the War Room

Summer Solstice

The longest day and the shortest night of the year coming up on June 20. Ol sun’ll be higher than a hippie on harvest day.

Gonna be hotter’n forty damnits out there, so stay cool, Daddy-O. Stay cool.


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Obama's "Dogwhistles" to the Nation of Islam

My latest: “About Obama’s Creepy Dogwhistles to UFO Cults…” in the National Pulse

As the COVID “crisis” wanes, the media is directing our attention to the heavens in search of a higher power. An upcoming intelligence report on unexplained aerial phenomena, to be delivered to Congress on June 25, has UFO enthusiasts going crazy. In the absence of solid evidence, the imagination runs wild. We now have a beloved president-turned-celebrity fanning those flames—for reasons we can only speculate on.

In the old days, UFO cultists would flip through The Weekly World News for validation. Today, they read the New York Times. …

[P]ublic fantasies about super-intelligent beings with advanced technology can be harnessed for power, profit, or fun. …

Many Americans are unaware of the Nation of Islam’s bizarre teaching that extraterrestrial vehicles are circling our planet, preparing to initiate the End Times. They don’t know that this heretical sect believes the white race is a mutant breed, created in a test tube 6,000 years ago by a mad African scientist named Yakub. Not that it matters much. Because the religious organization stands against “racism” and “oppression,” their wacky worldview barely diminishes their outsized influence in the United States—especially on the left.

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I Have No Faith in the Medical Priesthood or Their Machines

My latest: “Should We Trust the Medical Priesthood or Their Machines?” — in the American Thinker

We trust skilled physicians with our lives for good reason. But even the best doctors wouldn’t demand unconditional faith. Anyone who’s had a serious misdiagnosis, or received a damaging treatment, knows the staff of Hermes is no sign of infallibility. For all their victories, medical scientists are only human. I’m willing to forgive that, but that may soon be irrelevant.

In 2012, the founder of Sun Microsystems predicted that artificial intelligence would replace 80% of doctors. Today, AI is proving more effective than human doctors in the fields of radiology, cardiology, oncology, and radiation therapy. With artificial intelligence now biting at their heels, we see an arrogant medical establishment caught between its members’ own egos and the prospect of becoming obsolete.

Even before the dubious COVID response, many of us viewed medical authorities with intense skepticism. A 2016 study suggests that roughly 10% of deaths in America are due to medical mishaps. Authored by Johns Hopkins patient safety experts, the paper puts “medical error” as the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S.—just above respiratory illness. In raw numbers, that’s around 250,000 people a year.

If that estimate is accurate, it means that every two years about as many American lives are lost to careless nurses, incompetent physicians, or clinical accidents as were supposedly lost to COVID-19. During the eight-year period the study covered (2000-2008), medical error appears to have killed nearly four times the number of people that the Covidian cult now upholds as martyrs.

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Scientism Discussed on the War Room

You have to wonder why a guy like Bannon would ever invite a lunatic like me on his show. But there I was, yammerin’ away about doctor-worship and the Myth of Inevitability as applied to the AI revolution. Always a pleasure.

Watch the segment on Rumble here

For all those asking, “What is a ‘Jabot’?” It’s a Rastafarian robot, dude. Duh.