2Cor 5:17 says that if any man be in Christ he is a “new creature”. A new man, born from eternity. The very thing these ones desire is already available right here, right now! However it requires their surrender to a God they refuse to acknowledge even exists.

Join with me, pray for mercy on them. May they encounter the love God has for them found in Christ Jesus.

Technology is a gift we all enjoy. I enjoy a hot shower with clean water. I like having a car to go from A to B. Weather that car runs on gasoline or electricity is where technology comes in. But when man endeavors to alter his DNA which is at the very heart of his Idenity is where things can get sticky.

I’ve come to the conclusion that our DNA is 10% physical and 90% spiritual. Once one becomes alive unto God, their DNA shifts and they become that “new creature”, a person never seen in the earth realm before then. One moves at that point into that eternal place in Him. This is that place of immortality, changed by God forever! This is the good news of the Gospel! And is at the core of this trans-humanism / scientism debate.

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Imagine the horror, if these chimeras actually develop a consciousness higher than a monkey but yet not develop the ability to communicate? God knows what horror they will experience. It begs the issue, would the true God consider it a mortal sin, if say 25 or so of these elites suffered an arraigned tragic accident? 25 for 7 Billion of us for who there is no doubt we are human, spared certain horror then eventually genocide

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