Autumn – Wk 1: Selling the Biometric Police State | Brain Rubbers in the Metaverse | From the Mailbag | Singularity Psychedelia
Authorities want to require vaccines in order to buy, sell, or trade. Christians are alarmed. Anyone else with a brain should be, too.
Summer – Wk 12: From 9/11 to COVID-19 | LGBTQ BDSM VR | An Allegory for Abortion
Today's technocrats are reviving the archaic god-kings' desire to achieve personal immortality.
Summer – Wk 11: In Shadow | Attack of the Pro-Vaxx Hacks | Using Robots to Teach Kids to be Robots | Technocrats in Your Face | Technocrats Up Your Ass
Summer – Wk 10: On the Importance of Print Culture | Fire in the Sky | Learning to Navigate Complexity | Ride or Die: Sturgis at 81 | Matt Baker's Meta…
Summer – Wk 9: Launching Missiles from a Metaverse Urinal | Musk Bots Terk Err Jerbs! | Summer – Wk 8: SW Was On Hiatus | The Badlands Are Badass
We are slated to be replaced by new neighbors who never die.
Summer – Wk 7: Sturgis Rally 81 (or is it 80?) | Mark Zuckerberg's First Church of the Metaverse | Amazon Delivers Technocracy | Mt. Rushmore is Rad
Summer – Wk 6: Dude, You Be Chippin’! | DogBots on My Trail | Cart Me Off to the Tard Farm | Imagining the Future: The Weird History of UFO Religion
Summer – Wk 5: Geoengineering in Duderific Dubai | Zee Forced Industrial Revolution | A Milestone For Transhumanism | Digital Immunity for the Herd
Summer – Wk 4: Good Friends in Red Hippie Country | Artificial Shit Sandwich | Ghost in the BourdainBot | Cultivated for Technocratic Control