Autumn – Wk 11: Artificial Intelligence is an "Alien Mind" | James Poulos Declares War on the Digital Swarm | The Specter of Transhumanism | Ameca
If you wanna understand a rock tour, you’ve gotta get to know the roadies. If you wanna know the roadies, you’ve gotta understand the ants and apes.
Humans have climbed higher than any primate on Earth—mostly for their own entertainment, but also for yours.
The Metaverse will allow people to be anyone—any gender, any race, any species. Virtual bodies put the “trans” in transhumanist.
Autumn – Wk 9: The Metaverse: Heaven For Soy Boys | Transhumanism Special on the War Room | Interview with Jamie Glazov | Interview with Molly Smith
Technocrats will use AI to control your brain. Not that it matters much. You don't have free will, so you don't have a choice either way.
Autumn – Wk 5: Elite Global Leaders Conference at the Vatican | Reuters Running Cover | TransVision 2021 | SanTO the Holy Robot
National Public Radio is designed to put you to bed. Never trust a harlot.
Autumn – Wk 3: AI at the Vatican | Deepfakes For Less | Idiotic Chatbots | Surveillance State Superstars | Happiness is a Warm Electrode
Mo Gawdat says AI will surpass us in seven years. Let’s pray The Machine is kinder than we are.
Let's keep it elevated.
The political philosopher's arguments are summarized in "Defying the Data Priests" at The New Atlantis